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Intro to Multifamily, Syndication, & UBIT

with Josh Plave of Wall to Main

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What are the impacts of current events on multifamily real estate and syndication? And is UBIT really that daunting?

Josh Plave is the founder of Wall to Main, a project dedicated to educating investors on multifamily real estate. Josh's approach breaks down complex topics like multifamily real estate markets, deal structure, and UBIT into accessible tools that cover specifics many others miss.


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Key points

  • Some of the foundations and strengths of multifamily real estate investing

  • Introduce the concepts of real estate investment syndications

  • Current events in multifamily real estate: COVID, rent collection, evictions, work from home pressures, interest rates, and more!

  • Current deal flow

  • UBIT Calculator and investment case study

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