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Farmland: The Decade’s Most Stable Investment Opportunity


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Stability meets high yield

Rocket Dollar and FarmTogether have teamed up to bring farmland to your self-directed IRA. Proven to be one of the most stable asset classes over the past few decades, and one of the highest yielding asset classes on a risk-return basis, we’re excited to bring this new opportunity to you.


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You'll learn:

  • Why farmland hasn’t been readily available until now

  • What makes farmland such an attractive, stable investment, especially in the current COVID-19 climate

  • How farmland stacks up against other asset classes, both traditional and alternative, in terms of correlation and performance

  • The advantages of adding high cash yield investments, such as farmland, into your IRA and retirement portfolio

  • How to use your RocketDollar IRA to invest in farmland

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