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Regiment + Rocket Dollar: An Education Series

Private Market Investing: Venture Capital

Webinar #9 | April 27, 2021


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Introducing Comeback Capital

Scott has been investing in startups for nearly 20 years. He is a venture partner for Case Angel Network, a mentor at several startups, and a deal flow partner for a West coast micro-VC. Scott is also the Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western Reserve University.

We will discuss with Scott how he helps entrepreneurs build their businesses in their own Midwest communities and an example of how Rocket Dollar investors can impact their local entrepreneurs.


How can a local investment change the game?

Investing hubs have aggressively centered capital opportunities. With New York as a clear financial powerhouse for generations, the finance industry has distributed access across the United States with an NYC mindset. With the tech boom of the last twenty years, Silicon Valley has dominated the discussions for startups, founders, and venture capital. This location-centric pressure can create a brain drain from bright entrepreneurs that leave to take their business, jobs, and income away from local communities. Local VCs have stepped in to keep companies at home, identify overlooked strong founders, and connect them to valuable resources.

Rocket Dollar customers have felt liberated to choose their own retirement investments and also distribute their capital to opportunities they think are the most promising or deserving, no matter where they are located. While remote work has freed up individual workers over the last year, venture capital can still profoundly impact local business opportunities and follow-on investment in an area.


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