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Lesson Series: Eckard Enterprises + Rocket Dollar

Inflation, Hard Assets, and Mineral Rights

Webinar #4 | June 2, 2021

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How will oil and gas play a role in inflation compared to 2008’s historically high crude oil prices?

Troy Eckard of Eckard Enterprises, LLC to discuss this, oil’s affect on different asset classes, how investors should prepare, and more.


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You'll learn:

  • US dollar and its direction and why

  • Current US inflation, comparison to historical and why now is substantially different

  • Oil and gas and its role in inflation, reaction to inflation and the extent of today’s inflation compared to 2008’s historic high crude oil prices

  • Stocks and inflation

  • Access and cost of capital and how that will be affected in rising inflationary times

  • How investors should prepare and take advantage of the coming changes

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