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Lesson Series: Eckard Enterprises + Rocket Dollar

Energy Regulation, Politics, and the Future of US Energy

Webinar #2 | January 14, 2021

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Rocket Dollar Lessons

Brendan Walsh hosts Troy Eckard of Eckard Enterprises discuss the current state of US Energy, energy regulation, supply and demand pre-and-post COVID-19, hydrocarbons alongside further green investments, and then upcoming thoughts on a Biden Administration and Democratic majority Congress and Senate.


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Key topics:

Energy Regulation

Why has such a great success in the last 15 years of US domestic oil and gas exploration been riddled with such financially unfavorable reports, news and results – especially if the US moved to form a net importer of crude oil to the largest producer of crude oil in 2019-20?


What can the industry expect for the next four years with Biden Administration? With the proposed Green New Deal and so much against hydrocarbons, why do we see the future bright for investing in and owning oil and gas assets directly?

Future of US Energy

With the US oil and gas industry having one of its worse collapses in history, how will this affect the future of the US energy space with regards to future drilling, production, and overall supply-side deliveries?

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