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Lesson Series: Eckard Enterprises + Rocket Dollar

The Mineral Rights Investing Space

Webinar #1 | July 9, 2020

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Rocket Dollar Lessons

This webinar covers mineral ownership and the ever so changing investment space.

Troy W. Eckard, CEO and Manager of Eckard Enterprises and Eckard Land and Acquisition, has been in the energy industry since 1985. His vast knowledge across the sector has provided him and his investing Partners opportunities in oil and gas drilling, mineral rights acquisitions, midstream and pipeline acquisition. Troy has invited Brendan Walsh, Business and Sales Operations Manager at Rocket Dollar, as co-panelist to educate and explain Self-Directed IRAs, and inform everyone about the advantages of a Checkbook Control IRA.


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Key topics:

What are mineral rights?

What are the types of mineral rights, where are they, who owns them, and how they are classified.

How does technology factor in?

How technology has transformed access to mineral rights, the advantages now available in extraction, and how risk is displaced from the owner. 

How do they compare to real estate?

How mineral rights owners have massive advantages over real estate owners in instances of property tax and other monthly expenses.

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